03 July 2007

Tuesday Morning Espresso Shots

Would you like something with that Espresso shot, sir? Maybe a Danish or Scone? How about some links?

Adderley Wins Player of the Week: I have to spell it out or I think of something completely different. Good for Jamacian Nick. Made the most of an opportunity and punished the Rapids, exactly what United needs up front. He played physical against Colorado spinning their defenders like quarters, something we didn't see the last time he suited up. I think United will have loads of depth up front once they get Moreno back from the Copa America and Kpene back from his injury.

Beckham ZOMG!!!: Individual tickets for the LA Galaxy game featuring Beckham went on sale yesterday. According to the report DC United had already sold about 30,000 before yesterday and is holding around 2,500 back for the bigger plans. So tell your friends to order quick because this one will probably sell out. Also, if you are bringing a big group of friends please tell them to at least wear black and boo the other team.

United and the Copa America: Looks like Boswell is the 4 central defender on the Copa America team as Califf came in for an injured Demerit. I believe this puts Boswell 7th on the full US depth chart. Olsen however is starting, playing well. I don't think that he a legitimate option for 2010, but he has shown through talent, leadership and heart that bringin him in for this tournament was a great move. I didn't catch Bolivia's second game, I am sure Oscar can tell us how Moreno did.

ESPN Hates Hockey???: Lifton over at the SE Podcast has a link and some soccer views on a good little piece about how ESPN is ignoring hockey. Not really DCU related, or even soccer related, but it is good to remember that we aren't the only ones. By the way, the Bill Simmons diary the piece references is hilarous and you should definately read it if you have the time.

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At 03 July, 2007 14:32, Blogger Charles said...

Was it just coincidence that things went downhill fast for the US in copa america each time Ben Olsen was subbed out?
From what I've seen of the games, it seems he was one of the few players not being out classed by their international opponents.
I thought Bob Bradley would have learned his lesson after putting Gaven in for Benny against Argentina. Did that make since to anyone? Ben plays the full 90 for DC all the time, I don't think it's an issue with the national team at this point. If he was a few years younger, he would be a serious option for 2010.

At 03 July, 2007 17:23, Blogger Kinney said...

He usually goes the full 90 for DC but when he puts his whole heart into it he dies for the last 15. Benny F., Clark, and Bornstien have all lost their men on goals because of fatigue, Benny O. probably would have been with them had he been left in. In fact, I think one of the reasons he has been going so balls to the wall is that Bob told him that he would be a 60/70 minute substitution before the games. That said, the endurance on the US team is pretty bad as a whole. At the very least I think that Benny would have at least fouled some of those people instead of letting them have open looks.

At 05 July, 2007 10:37, Blogger Dave said...

So the Post says they've sold 34,000. I go to Ticketmaster and ask for 5 seats - they are 500 level, in the corner near the top - for $42 include all the charges. I decide to see where the best SINGLE seat is out of curiousity. It's in the same spot. Come on, United. Release the rest of the seats!


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