04 October 2007


This is a reminder to set your TiVos or, god forbid, your VCRs (how quaint) for tomorrow's UEFA Champions League Highlights show.

UEFA Champions League Highlights
ESPN2, 2pm - 3pm.

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At 04 October, 2007 15:44, Blogger Jonathan Geissler said...

Out of curiosity, which DC player ducked under the Carl Robinson Free kick goal last weekend? It looked like it might have been Olsen but I couldn't tell.

At 04 October, 2007 16:38, Blogger Kinney said...

It was Gomez. Olsen wasn't in the match yet, but it sure does look like him on the mlsnet.com highlights.

At 06 October, 2007 14:50, Blogger Keving said...

May i set the record straight it was not Lord Of The Wing that "slapped" Dida

But i am at the front of the lynching mob to meet the arse who did....

At 06 October, 2007 15:08, Blogger D said...

Good for you KevinG. That was the only thing that took the luster off that improbably result of Milan.


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