12 November 2007

Media Diversificaiton

Dan Steinberg once had this idea about the cross pollination between United and Caps fans, and I dig it the concept. Ted Leonsis has even stepped up to offer United ticket holders special discounts to caps game. As a once rabid Caps fan, and now a somewhat tamer and less devoted one, I still have a fondness for the men of the ice. And I'm not the only one. Those of you catching the telecast of the Lightning-Caps game might have noticed that the "Ask Craig Laughlin" segment featured a question from one "Tony Limarzi" about whether one player can bring another player a stick if the latter's was broken in the course of play (short answer: no.) And it was nice to see that Craig and Joe actually recognized the name, and gave Tony his props, though it would have been nice if they had said Tony is the "Voice of D.C. United" or, perhaps more accurately, the "over enunciating and inflective voice of D.C. United." Still, a quiet, nice moment.

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At 13 November, 2007 06:21, Blogger DCSportsChick said...

LOL. Wasn't that great? I got a kick out of that too.


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