17 November 2007

Who isn't disappointed with stadium progress?

The first place I lived after coming back to the DC metro area wasn't the greatest apartment you could find. It wasn't a dump, but it was an older apartment building with its share of issues. The front door's lock was perennially busted, the 1960s heater was this giant thing that ran across the living room ceiling and twice filled with water that spilled onto the carpet. On another occasion the bathroom ceiling dripped water. Towards the end it developed a heinous roach infection, which I prefer to blame on other tenants.

But it was also in an awesome location, close to work, and near the metro too. I threw some insane parties while I was there, and watched the 2002 World Cup in the wee hours of the night. I was focused on growing up and figuring out what do with my adult life to really notice. When my parents would come visit, I'd clean up and make the place presentable, but I knew that somehow, these weren't the conditions they expected me to live in permanently.

Goff posted a piece up on the post tonight, which will be tomorrow's print edition about Garber's disappointment in the progress on getting our own stadium. Thanks, commish, you're disappointed that the city pulled the rug out from under us? Join the club. Yeah, we'd like to have our stadium situation sorted out, but the team's busy competing in the MLS Cup, Open Cup, Superliga, Champions Cup, and Copa Sudamericana. I'm sure there are people at United HQ working 24x7 on the stadium issue, so I'm not trying to say the FO has in some way not worked hard on this issue. But come on, should it be a shock that you're disappointed? The article at least serves to keep the issue in the public eye (hopefully). We should be glad we haven't heard any ultimatums to move or lose the team, but its probably too early for that.

For now we've still got RFK, and honestly I think if a deal could be worked out that kept United there in a way they could be profitable, 99% of fans would support it. Someday, United might have to move out to the suburbs, and we'll be telling the next generation of fans about the bouncy bleachers, huddling under the upper bowl during rainy games, and tailgating in Lot 8. Until then, find me when there's real progress on the stadium situation.