18 December 2007


Two items. Item the First, Logan's Revenge breaks three weeks of radio silence to report that D.C. United is to blame for the Veron deal falling through. Key graf:

According to sources close to Veron, he felt a little smothered by DCU and was not pleased that they had jumped the gun on certain aspects of the proceedings. DCU had leaked that Veron had gotten a visa. That was true, but it wasn't to come stateside to announce his signing, but rather to first come check out the scene, the city, and the facilitates.*

Am I going to say that this isn't true? Nope, but I will say this - I don't see any real fault for DC here. United has carefully said nothing publicly about Veron. If the NDL story is true, then Veron has remarkably thin skin. I mean, seriously, leaks about rumors of a transfer? In the soccer world? Unthinkable! How could he possibly be asked to handle the pressure?! Interrobangs?!?!?!

More likely, this is a half true, half false situation which has managed to be spun in a way to make the DCU front office look bad. And while there are things to be upset with the Front Office with from time to time (such as the way Esky was notified of his trade to Toronto) this one doesn't make the list.

Item the Second. Commenter Adam notes today's Marc Fisher piece on Victor MacFarlane, and wonders about the kicker:
Might the team still end up with a stadium near Poplar Point, I asked. "Absolutely," MacFarlane replied. Stay tuned.

Am I ecstatic? No. If there is a plan, we're a long way from seeing it documented. And I would really, really like to see something. Until then, it the mirage of an illusion.

*Yes, I know. It's a blog post, though, and I'm not about to cast stones about spelling. "Definitely" still gives me problems some days. That's not the problem UPDATE: It now reads "facilities" See, just your average blog typo. Why didn't I correct it? Well, I'm not about that entire situational ethics and not wanting to misquote people thing. So I left it as is, even though I was sure it was a typo. Just so you know, this is the kind of thing I agonize over. For about two minutes.

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At 18 December, 2007 16:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Yes, I know. It's a blog post, though, and I'm not about to cast stones about spelling...

A simple [sic] would suffice.

At 18 December, 2007 16:37, Blogger D said...

Yes, true... but the [sic] thing is usually so overdone and pretentious and snotty, whereas me just prattling on about nothing is pretentious but at least possibly amusing. So that's the route I chose. You know how it is.

At 18 December, 2007 19:33, Blogger Sean said...

I doubt we can read much into the MacFarlane comment. The question is "Might there be a chance that DC will have a Poplar Point stadium?"

To that, "Absolutely" means there is absolutely a chance. No matter how small.

Or minuscule.

So yeah. Nothing really there.

At 18 December, 2007 21:36, Blogger A.T. said...

I think when you say "absolutely" in answer to a question, it generally means one of two things: either you're being intentionally optimistic and playing up your chances, or you think there's significantly more than a minuscule chance. Answering "absolutely" instead of just "sure" or the like definitely has a different connotation, at least in my mind.


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