29 April 2008

Rumination on a golazo

If you watch the highlights of Gallardo’s goal, you’ll hear two quotes that I’ll reference in this post. The first is Dave Johnson saying, “Surely that’s the one!” He’s referring to the fact that a 4-1 score line is likely to stand with only 10 minutes left in the match. I prefer to think, however, that Johnson was speaking more broadly, meaning that when Gallardo buried Burch’s high cross, that goal would certainly rise to the top as an eventual Goal of the Year nominee.

I was so impressed with Gallardo’s goal on Saturday night that I feel like it needs more discussion, dissection. It certainly needs your vote for Sierra Mist Goal of the Week.

When I was watching the match on Saturday night, in real time, and I saw Burch’s cross, I immediately felt that the cross was a poor one. It was lazy and seemed too high and when I saw Nat Borchers coming over to play it with his head, I figured United might at best win a corner. Gallardo however, seemed to not even notice Borchers running on to the ball. He didn’t seem phased at all when the defender jumped to try to head the ball out of danger. He just cocked his leg back and hit it as hard as he could.

There are many similarities between United’s 4th goal of the night and the 3rd goal by Quaranta. Both came after crosses to the right wing and in both occasions the goal scorer hit the ball first time past Nick Rimando. But watching and re-watching Gallardo’s goal makes me a little embarrassed that I had been so impressed by the quality of Quaranta’s tally. Quaranta did well to control the cross off the inside of his right boot and touch it just out of reach of Rimando, but still keep it inside the left post. It was a very tough angle and he achieved that deft touch with his body fully in midair. I believe he had the Goal of the Week for about 13 minutes.

But Gallardo blasted that ball and buried that ball. He crushed it. It was an absolute bomb. [And let me now apologize to my wife, who was sleeping next to me on the couch at that point, for exclaiming loudly at seeing the strike, and waking her most rudely.]

One more point: Guevara’s free kick was a brilliant one, no doubt. So I don’t want to say anything dismissive or negative about it in order to try to help Gallardo’s cause for Goal of the Week. But if I have to, I will.

As Thomas Rongen summarized the whole thing, “Thanks for coming!”

(4/30 10:13) Gallardo 47%, Guevara 40% (You magnificent bastards...)

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At 29 April, 2008 16:37, Blogger Landru said...

How is it remotely possible that Guevara's perfectly beautiful, but well-practiced set piece is beating out Gallardo's stunner for GOTW? Rock the cheat, people. Except it wouldn't be cheating, since someone's stuffing the box here already.

Full disclosures: I didn't watch any of the others, although I saw the other DCU goal during the game, of course.

I must also concede that, at the present time, I would not vote for a goal by that other DCU player for goal of the eon if he leaped 5 feet into the air, turned a somersault, and nailed a bicycle kick. From his own 18.

It is possible that, after D drags me out back and beats me thirty or forty more times, I might just be able to consider supporting my own team's laundry when it's worn on that guy's back. Maybe.

Until then? He's discommodated. Ka-plah!

At 29 April, 2008 17:49, Anonymous DCUinCT said...

I actually expect THE goal will be the goal of the year, one that Toronto fans won't be as able to stuff. But if they stuff again like this one, so be it, as wiser people have said before me, "There's no accounting for taste."

At least we have FSC that just picks it. They can at least get it right.

At 29 April, 2008 21:21, Blogger elopingcamel said...

Amen. There is no way that Guevara's kick (although beautiful) will take goal of the year. Gallardo's easily could. Does Toronto have the rest of Canada backing them in this voting? What is going on?

At 29 April, 2008 21:51, Blogger rke said...

What's going on, sadly, is a scripted ballot-stuffing cheat.

At 29 April, 2008 23:45, Blogger Bob said...

to landru: when you know - when you feel in your bones - you've seen a GOTY candidate, why feel guilty about not watching the other clips?

At 30 April, 2008 14:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

44-45 coming down the stretch...

At 30 April, 2008 15:38, Anonymous FHS said...

Golazo ftw!!

At 30 April, 2008 15:43, Blogger The Bird said...

It's official! Sorry TFC...

This week's winner is:
Marcelo Gallardo / DCU / 04.26.08

Marcelo Gallardo fires it into the top corner in a rapid-fire play against Real Salt Lake.

At 30 April, 2008 21:03, Blogger Landru said...

Well put, Bob. I must admit I did feel so guilty about not watching Kljestan's goal that I sat through an awful long stretch of the rerun of Goats-Gals. That certainly was silly of me.

At 30 April, 2008 23:12, Anonymous Skippy said...

That was a nice distraction. Well-earned merit for Gallardo. Can I now go back to worrying that Wells and defense have yet to keep a clean sheet and Emilio is still nowhere close to form?

At 01 May, 2008 07:47, Anonymous Tolik said...

compare with one of the best goals ever: Marco van Basten's amazing volley | Holland - USSR @ EURO 88:



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