29 April 2009

Announcing Our adidas Contest Winners

Congratulations to Brendan and Josh who won have been adjudged the winners of our adidas contest. Brendan will getting a nice D.C. United long sleeve t-shirt, and Josh will be getting a D.C. United jersey.

Now, it is easy enough for me to give away other people's stuff, which is basically what we have done here. So let me also throw in something to all of the people who submitted an entry that I reproduced in our Finalists post, you have earned publication of a six word novel or special guest post at the DCenters in the future, plus a free beer or non-alcoholic beverage of choice if you manage to catch me at the stadium. To redeem your posting rights, simply send me a six word novel or guest post (not more than 500 words please) at any point this season from the same email address you sent, and I'll put it up with the usual editing caveats (which, although I always express them, I don't think I've ever used.)

My thanks and congratulations to all who participated, and my thanks to adidas and their PR people for allowing us to do this.

And yes, I meant to this Monday, but logistics conspire, no? And, opportunity allowing, I would love to do something like this again someday.

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