09 April 2009

Did I make this happen with my mind?

Oh wow - this is so awesome...

I do not like Chad Barrett. It goes something like this on my list of most hated MLS players:
  1. Chad Barrett
  2. Landon Donovan*
  3. Taylor Twellman*
  4. C. Blanco

Anyway, I saw this on ESPN Soccernet's weekly MLS Power Rankings and about lost my sh*t.
Toronto's strikers still fail to show any signs of a threat. With Chad Barrett leading the way, this isn't exactly a surprise.
Thank you ESPN.

* Step it up in South Africa and we'll be alright.


At 10 April, 2009 09:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always wondered why this guy got so many starts. Toronto got snookered in the McBride deal. Chicago was only too willing to give up Barret. Blanco probably bought him the ticket after watching him screw up all the service he was getting. Now he's in a town where he can boast that he at least scores more goals than Danny Dichio.

At 11 April, 2009 22:40, Anonymous Goose said...

hahahahahahaha Twellman... South Africa... that's a good one


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