02 April 2009

Coming Clean on Everything

APOLOGY 1: To everyone who played along with the joke yesterday, my thanks. If there is some chance you didn't recognize this post for what it was, my apologies. I'd like to think that in misleading you, I pointed at a greater truth, a truth in spirit. Or not.

APOLOGY 2: I suppose I owe an explanation for my absence? Yes, I do. The truth is that my job overwhelmed me for several months, and by the time I started to surface for air I realized that the season was a few months away, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue writing. Bob kept things going, and perhaps it was time for me to move on? Then, well, I realized I needed to talk about this team, had to, would go crazy if I didn't. And thus...

APOLOGY 3: I have a hard time supporting the various efforts for the United Stadium in PG County. Not that I don't want United to get their stadium. I do, and if PG is the only place it can happen, then so be it. I spent much of my youth growing up in PG. But I feel in my bones that I want United in DC. Irrational as that may be. It's like this -- there's a hot friend of yours that you're interested in. You know that if things moved beyond friendship that there'd likely be too much drama and angst and things could very well end badly, but hey, you still have hope, right? Then the friend comes to you and asks you to set him or her up with someone else. You think that someone else is a pure "I'm settling" move, but you do it, because you're still friends with this person and you are smart enough to recognize all the potential pitfalls that are being avoided. But part of you is crushed, right?

That scenario, of course, has never happened to me.

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At 02 April, 2009 10:29, Anonymous Grunthos said...

It could be worse. You could be sharing an apartment with her new love. :O

Not that that's ever happened to me, of course.

At 02 April, 2009 10:41, Anonymous Jeremy said...

I caught most of the jokes going around yesterday, yet have to admit that this one passed under the radar. It did seem a little strange, but believably strange.

Bravo on the excellent creativity!

At 02 April, 2009 11:08, Blogger rke said...

This was my submission to yesterday's "Favorite April Fool's Jokes" thread at the office. Well done!

At 02 April, 2009 13:27, Anonymous DCUinCT said...

Welcome back and I for one am thankful for your irrational need to talk about the team.

Seriously, your contributions are some of the best about DC and always include level headed thought and humor. Though real work takes presidence, thanks for the time you take to do this blog. Most of us don't have the talent or motivation to put something together worth reading week after week. We're just the vultures that like to watch and circle the fresh kill. Not that there isn't a vital role for them, just there are a lot more vultures for every effective lion.


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