23 August 2009

Open BLECH for DCU v LAG

CSN is letting me down. My wife and I are on a reduced entertainment budget, so we can't necessarily afford the trip to RFK and the inevitable beers cotton candy. And we have Comcast basic cable... I guess we are grandfathered in on that; is that even offered to new subscribers anymore?

Subsequently I don't get Fox Soccer Channel. Not like I'd want it; f**k Fox, in any formation or configuration.

I want Dave Johnson. I want Garth Lagerway.

Actually, I prefer listening to Tony Limarzi.

Anyway, it sounds like Emilio played his ass off and didn't get any satisfaction, so everyone tell me whether I'm right or I'm wrong in the comments.

And pass along free tickets and other stuff to me when you have it, since my wife will be in school for 16 months and we'll be on only one income. Thanks in advance.

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At 24 August, 2009 02:59, Anonymous Grunthos said...

Emilio was energetic enough, but the wet ball and surface basically killed the best part of his game (quick turns on balls in the box), so he ended up trying to score with his head a lot. Not his most likely means to victory.

We played well, but we needed to be better to overcome reffing failures and the low-friction environment.

Anyone follow LA enough to know why Arena put Magee up front and Donovan out wide? I figured he was after the mismatch of Donovan vs. Burch, but Magee did nothing with the chances created for him and Donovan only got a couple of good runs into space Burch was failing to cover.

At 24 August, 2009 07:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Not like I'd want it; f**k Fox, in any formation or configuration."

Real nice. If I wanted anger driven political commentary I'd tune to Olbermann or O'Reilly. Stick to soccer.

At 24 August, 2009 10:24, Blogger BrunoReturns said...


Donovan has been playing out wide since Beckham came back.

Why? Couldn't say. I guess he likes the way that they team up in the midfield.

At 24 August, 2009 10:38, Blogger Unknown said...

You're right about CSN-DC letting us all down. They wasted the ENTIRE night on a meaningless NFL preseason game, rather than carrying the LAG-DC Utd match which actually meant something. (BTW, most of what the NFL does is meaningless as it is.)And I wasted an entire night on the Internet trying to get the result of that match.

Also, anything from Fox isn't worth my time of day. (Shep, O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, Malkin. Seriously? Ugh.)

All-in-all, what a waste.

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At 26 August, 2010 17:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nominating Will Chang as the money pit. Anyone montion a second?


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