30 April 2007

Debriefing for Match 12.03: At Columbus Crew

Columbus Crew 1 : 0 D.C. United

Six Word Novel Recap

The summer: Days longer, Nights depressing.

Media, Traditional and Otherwise

The Washington Post, Steve Goff: "...the Crew secured a 1-0 victory before 13,572 shelter-seeking spectators to leave United (0-3) with its worst start since the inaugural campaign in 1996 and the longest regular season losing streak (six, dating from last year) in club history."
MLSNet, Nathan Linton: "...the tie was broken as Ngwenya found some room down the left wing in transition and laid the ball back for Hendrickson at the spot. Hendrickson's initial effort was cleared away from the goalmouth by Devon McTavish, but the Crew defender was able to gather the rebound and bury the ball in the lower left corner of the net..."
Poplar Point Perspective: "Is it time to blow this thing up?"
United Mania Blog: "The BlackMaroon-and-Red is a team on a downward spiral. Coach Soehn better find a solution quickly"
Harv's World: "Devon McTavish started and played well. He did what I think Soehn (and myself) were expecting. Just play solid defense, nothing flashy, stay at home."
Hunt Park Insider, Matt Bernhardt: "The game was interrupted for a lightning delay for about 20 minutes in the 84th minute as fans scurried for the exits - or at least a dry patch of stadium. After the rains cleared, the teams resumed play for the last 6 minutes of regulation time - although neither team had a significant opportunity to change the scoreline."
Soccer Insider, Steve Goff: "BEN OLSEN[:] I felt like defensively we were much better, and that's a positive out of this thing. It's just important we go forward. I thought the defense played with more of a chip on its shoulder and we were pretty compact for the most part... TROY PERKINS[:] Once again, I've got to make a [bleeping] save. It's as simple as that. There's nothing else to say."

The Good

  1. Boswell, Namoff, and McTavish for Erpen: Devon McTavish was decent, Bobby Boswell more agressive in his tackling, and the back line was acceptable, though hardly facing a true test in Columbus. However, if this level of play repeats in the New England game, things will feel a bit better.
  2. Justin Moose: In his last appearence, I thought he was jobbed in the assessments of his performance. Coming into the middle for this game, he played decently.
  3. Tactical Moves: Something to consider for the still nascent "Fire Soehn" movement - His tactical changes seemed to be the correct ones. United was able to move the ball through midfield, only to have attacks whimper out in the final third.

The Bad

  1. Brian Carroll: These giveaways are killers. When you give the ball up from the backline, you typically at least have your defense back and marking people so that if nothing else, the turnover doesn't quite catch you out of position. When you give up the ball a few yards from the center circle, players are running up the field, and the time it takes to turn around can be a killer.
  2. Subdued Attack: We should be able to score goals. Any clean sheet is a disappointment, especially one where we were actually able to move the ball around. Yes, I know Sigi can pack it in with the best of them. Doesn't matter, this team should be creating chances, especially down a goal.
  3. Frustration breeds frustration: I don't put much stock in form, but I do believe that losing can become a habit, as players become more upset about results. You can shake off a loss or two, but three losses and you mind can start to fray. I think the relative quick turnaround of games (Thursday and Sunday) helps United, because any time to start thinking about how badly things are going will help no one.
  4. How was the play Mrs. Lincoln?: Yes, I went to the theater on Saturday night, and TiVoed the game. Very disappointed that SportsNite delayed the game even father, and cut off the end. Caught the replay on MLSNet, but man... Oh, and by the way, the RSC's Coriolanus is completely overrated. Sure, he's a great warrior, but his method of starting a counter-attack seems to involve giving speeches to his fellow soldiers, covering himself in his enemies' blood, and then talking about how much he hates the common people. Not a fan favorite. TRADE FOR PERICLES! (Hamlet just dithers over the ball debating whether to shoot or not... kind of like Jamie Moreno at times)

Man of the Match


Final Thoughts

There are no final thoughts, only intermediary thoughts which require discussion. Let's at least point out the main subjects:
  1. How do we evaluate Tom Soehn?
  2. Why is this team faltering?
  3. Is DC bad, or has MLS gotten better? (Quick answer, of course, is "Yes")
  4. Can we turn this around?
All of this should be touched on as we post this week.

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At 30 April, 2007 23:03, Blogger tucksider said...

that inaugural season turned out ok.

fire Arena!


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