16 May 2005

So Many Corners You'll Cut Yourself: Revs 1, DC 0

The game starts, and the red and black seem jazzed. The Revs were back on their heels for most of the first half, with the middle 5 of DCU making strong runs and playing great mid defense. The problem here, and I hate to do this, was not Freddy Adu, or Christain Gomez, or even Esky. The problem was Moreno, who couldn't seem to find any space, couldn't make those crafty crosses that are his trademark, couldn't play a strong run, seemed uncomfortable around the ball, and made two or three awful plays (including a giveaway around 34' that made me cringe). And so there was a lot of activity in the final third, but not much pressure on the keeper.

DC's ratio of Corners to Shots on Net: 2.6
Revs ratio of Corners to Shots on Net: 1.25

Think about that. It took twice as many corners for DCU to get the same number of shots on net that the Revs had. This is a bad thing, since if DC can't get a ball on the net from a corner, defenders are going to be more willing under pressure to give them up, rather than trying to play the ball out and potentially make a mistake.

  • The Wiz over The Crew 4-0 (My pick, 1-1)
  • Stars over Fire, 3-0 (My pick, 0-3, right score, wrong team)
  • Rapids d. Chivas, 2-1 (Again, the other way around, 1-2)
  • Real d. Galaxy, 2-1 (!!, I was right that it was surprising, but I thought a draw. Congrats St. Lake)
  • FC Dallas, Quakes draw 0-0 (The only correct pick I had, 1-1) Quakes hold the MLS Unofficial Championship.
This Week: 1-5
Season to Date: 4-8