11 May 2005

Unofficial Champ: 11 May 2005

The Unofficial Championship has been bounced around like a ping pong ball. Since DC United held it for four consecutive matches dating back to the defeat of the Revolution in the playoffs, no team has been able to hold it more than one game.

DC lost the title on 4/15 to the Crew.
The Crew turned around and handed it to Colorado in a 2-0 game on 4/23.
Colorado decided they weren't interested in holding onto the title, and passed it over on 4/30 to the MetroStars (!!!) in a 3-1 game.
The Metros reverted to Form, dropping the title to San Jose on 5/7 in a 1-0 game.

So there it is, your unofficial Champs, the San Jose Earthquakes. They defend the title at home against FC Dallas, which should be an interesting game.