12 May 2005

Your Weekend Preview for 14 May

Okay, some interesting games on-tap for this weekend, let's take a look:
  • Wizards @ Crew: A match I would hate to watch. 1-1.
  • MetroStars @ Fire: I asked someone I knew about the Metros this year. After vomiting for the next three minutes, he responded "Awful, absolutely awful." And they are. Fire 3-0.
  • Chivas USA @ Rapids: Someday I'm going to write about how Chivas was all wrong putting together their strategy. But it won't be this week, when they upset the Rapids. 2-1.
  • Galaxy @ ReAL: You think it bothers Clint how much everyone swoons for Landon? It does me. A surprising draw, 2-2.
  • FC Dallas @ Quakes (MLS Unofficial Champs): This has the potential to be a real interesting match, and the Quakes are surprising me this season. A fitting one for the MLS Unofficial Championship. I think this is a tense game, with multiple chances missing by a hair, some fantastic Defense and tending, and some brilliant runs. Quakes hold, 1-1.
  • DCU @ Revs: I want to pick DCU after the game last week. But I find that I can't give them the outright wing. Goff says 1-1. I say 2-2, but I understand where he comes from. Special DCU Specific Pick: Dema does not play a minute in the MLS game, but will start the reserve game. Reserves will be undefeated after this week.

Record for last picks: 3-3. Season to Date: 3-3.