14 June 2005

The Not Blue Chelsea Thoughts

We Call It Soccer has a more optimistic take on the propsed DCU v. Chelsea tilt than the one I had. They argue that not only will pitch aid DCU, but also the oppresive humidity, heat, and DCU's track record against other teams like Rovers, Nottingham Forest, and Newcastle. It's certainly worth reading as an opposing view to my nervous nellie misgivings.

So I wondered if Chelsea bloggers we even thinking about this, but Chelsea Blog is giving a "404 Not Found" after some demand for a login. At least blogging seems to boast a clean MLS advantage here. [See Update Below]

[Update 4:26PM] Chelsea's blog is back-online: All they say on this summer's plans is that they will play at least one MLS team at some point after 19 July. There were no comments.


At 15 June, 2005 11:48, Anonymous Joe said...

Today's Post had a little more on it... looks like they're ironing out the final details. Maybe Mr. Goff will have teh scoop in time for his chat today.


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