19 August 2005

Amendment to the Minutes of the Oversight Committee

The DCenters ran a post a few days back discussing Michael Lewis's overview of coaching in MLS. Lewis was arguing that foreign born coaches don't do well in MLS, and the DCenters noted that the head coach of DC United might wish to argue that. Yes, the DCenters also sent an e-mail to Mr. Lewis with pretty much the same opinion. Well, go ahead and read the article now, and Coach Nowak gets a nice mention:
The most successful has been D.C. United coach and former Polish international Peter Nowak, who directed the club to the MLS Cup crown last year behind an 11-10-9 regular-season mark. United is 11-6-5 through Sunday's games.

Now, the DCenters is sure it's not the only one to bring Peter's name to Lewis's attention. But we'll indulge our fantasy none-the-less. The other strange thing? The DCenters can't find any evidence of the old page where Peter's name was excluded, even checking the Google Cache (sadly only updated August 17), but we promise there was no selective quoting. There's also no mention that a change was made. Huh.