28 September 2005

Go Ahead, Go Crazy

So Steve Goff's chat pretty much addressed every bullet point I had, or at least promised to address it with an upcoming article. But not content with just those few comments, one exchnage clearly stands out:

Beaverton, Ore.: Have you heard who will be called up by Arena to play Costa Rica? How about Santino?
Steven Goff: Yes, Santino is very likely for CR. And there might be a surprise from the DCU roster for the finale against Panama. I will address that in a few days. (Sorry!!)

This sort of thing leads to the reason the Internet was developed in the first place: baseless speculation and wild rumor mongering. Certainly, one three letter name will stand out to people, but that wouldn't really be a surprise, would it? Previously, the DCenters took a look at potential long-shots to make the team. To truly be a surprise, it should be a DCU player that isn't even in the US Player Pool, which eliminates Adu, Carroll, Eski (which would still be a surprise, but an awesome one), Olsen, Rimando, Quaranta, and Simms. Boswell would also be a surprise, but with him not playing many minutes these days he's not my EXTREME LONGSHOT PICK FOR THE USMNT (TM). Nope, my ELPftUSMNT is Josh Gros.

Even though we all know Goff is talking about Adu.


At 28 September, 2005 23:39, Blogger maradawga said...

Even though we all know Goff is talking about Adu.

Cap Adu!

Man, BigSoccer will go crazy over this one.

At 29 September, 2005 10:23, Anonymous Joe said...

Of course it's Adu! And it should be be, his shameful lack of playing time for DCU notwithstanding. (Yeah, I'm one of those.)

Not that I wouldn't love to see Gros capped.

I also think Rimando is an outside shot. He's having a terrific season, despite an inconsistent defensive line.

At 29 September, 2005 10:28, Blogger Zathras said...

I do hope that it is Gros. If it's Adu, BigSoccer will crash.
For a week.
At least.

Actually, just this alone will probably clog it up for the rest of this week.


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