27 September 2005

Someone Who Knows Something

Is Steve Goff. He's got a Washington Post Chat scheduled for Wednesday. He likes that crazy soccer thing, and has been known to write the occasional article about DC United. So go ask him stuff.

Need some questions to ask? How about the following..
  1. Lucio Alejo Filomeno -- Is he still in the mix? How's that entire thing working out? Because he's, um, not on the roster anywehere. Did I miss a memo? [Update Wednesday, 10AM: Sometimes I think I am so clever, catching a story that might have fallen by the wayside and posting a quick blurb about it late at night on a Tuesday. Then the beat writer, who does know more than I do, goes and has a story ready for Wedneday that pretty much answers the question. I feel like a jerk now.]
  2. Jamil Walker has passed Freddy Adu on the forward depth chart, but what about at CAM? With Christian Gomez sitting out a game for accumulated caution points, will Adu start in that position? Oh, and do you ever reach a point where you say "If I have to answer another Freddy Adu question, I'm gonna kick a puppy!" Just curious...
  3. The U17 National Team, here and gone. Do you regret not being able to give commentary on them while they were still playing?
  4. On a scale of 1, meaning a broken straw, to 10, meaning the Oreck XL vacuum system, how sucky are Bob Bradley's chances to be coach of the Metros next year? Does this help explain that answer?
  5. Any thought of moving Erpen out to the wing and letting Mr. Boswell return to the Center Back position. Or is that just crazy talk?
  6. Seriously, does it annoy you that the Washington Post is just letting bloggers mooch traffic off of you via the technorati side bar link? Or is the guilt that a certain blogger is feeling merely the by-product of a Catholic upbringing? And why don't bloggers run spell check more often?
Of course, the questions that you might ask will be far more interesting. So have at him.