16 September 2005

Now the scoreboard watching starts

It's been a busy day at the DCenters, so if you've missed it, be sure to make yourself heard on the future of the DCenters here and the USMNT player of the year here. Now, onto the weekend's action...

Colorado comes to DC, and Diego Serna will make his debut for the 'Pids. Many people have complained about the pitch at RFK, and Diego will no doubt be able to shed further light on the quality of the field as I'm sure he'll take every opportunity to drop down and inspect it at close range. DCU lost to Colorado last time, and Colorado doesn't even have Jeff Cunningham for that game. So why should things be different this time? Because it's RFK, and that makes a world of difference -- DCU 2 : 0 Rapids.

Now, it's also the time to start watching games around the league. Here's your quick guide of whom to root for as a good DCU fan...

Revs @ Metros (Your non-DCU Game of the Week): This game was identified as having a potentially large impact for DCU by the DCenters in August. That is still true, but only to a degree. If, like Joe, you really want the Supporter's Shield, then it's time to swallow the bile and root for the Metros. If you just want to make it in the playoffs, then you want the Revs to put some distance between the Metros and the top 4. Wait, this is DC, where the art of spineless compromise has been perfected... Root For a Draw, and Lots of Cards

Fire @ Crew: The Crew are not going to make the playoffs, though I realize that mathematically they are still in it. The Fire are competitors for a top 2 seed in the east, 2 points behind DC with a game in hand, and are staggering at least a bit, while Columbus seemed to be coming on until last week. Root for Columbus.

Galaxy @ Wizards: The other major competition for seeding in the East, KC is also 2 points behind DCU but with the same GPs. The Galaxy are playing for Steve Sampson's job. OK, well, maybe not, but they are still playing to stay 2nd in the West. Root for the Galaxy to get a road win.

Earthquakes @ Chivas USA: Only has Supporter Shield implications. If you feel strongly about the Quakes staying in San Jose, I can forgive you giving them a token cheer. As for me, it's Chivas Time. I can't believe I'm saying that. Root for Chivas USA.

Real Salt Lake @ FC Dallas: Dallas breaks their home losing streak during US Open Cup play. RSL is fighting to remain relevant. If DCU makes the finals, we really don't want to face a home team. So anything that damages FC Dallas's seeding is a good thing. Root for RSL.


At 17 September, 2005 12:08, Anonymous Joe said...

About that beer, D... I'll be there tonight. Probably tailgating beforehand as well. You can drop me a line at hans dot jagrmeister at gmail dot com. I'll try to check before I head for the stadium...

At 18 September, 2005 14:33, Blogger Kali said...

Good win over the Crapids last night... Moreno's goal was incredible.

Too bad we can't even manage to get a shot on goal so far.


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