13 September 2005

United They Stand

To recap quickly, the last home game was Real Salt Lake, when the trouble between CSC Security and Barra Brava broke out. There was a lot of anger, discussions of the dissolution of Barra Brava, discussions of a boycott, and DCU executives trying to mediate a compromise. Finally, one was reached. Read this letter from [DC United Owner] Kevin Payne, posted to Barra Brava's website, and try to tell me that DCU doesn't have one of the best front offices combined with one of the best fan support systems in the game. DCU and Barra Brava both should receive some well earned kudos for working this out in time for the cup match against Catolica tonight. Well done all. And well finished.


At 13 September, 2005 10:59, Blogger maradawga said...

That's pretty cool. Kevin Payne is all class.


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