15 September 2005

Covering the Field

Thank goodness this isn't a general US Soccer or even MLS-wide blog. If it were, I might have to note all the things that are happening, as opposed to just those things of DCU interest. Makes life easier. Also makes that blogroll on the right a bit more important, so go enjoy. I'd also note that the Dallas and LA are your US Open Cup finalists. That makes the winners of the cinderella pool the following:

USASA: The Reggae Boyz, Roma, and the Salinas Valley Samba (DCenters picked the Samba!)
USL-Developmental: Des Moines Menace (picked: Cocoa Expos)
USL-2: Charlotte, Wilmington, Western Mass (picked: Pittsburgh)
USL-1: Minnensota Thunder (picked: Rochester Rhinos)

The DCenters encourages people to cast their votes for USMNT player of the year in the comments over here. The DCenters will total up the votes in about a week, but we only have five so far... Also, relying on the Wisdom of Crows (which I recall DM at The Nats Blog recommending, so thanks there), The DCenters has been approached about a potential change. We'll devote a post to that later, and let people discuss things in the comments, since I'm of mixed feelings on the idea.

(Note: While I say I'm not a general MLS blog, I realize that I end up straying into MLS and USMNT commentary. I reconcile this by pretending that I can still maintain a DCentric approach to these items, but sometimes, well, yeah, sometimes it's a complete fake. Ah well.)


At 15 September, 2005 15:16, Blogger Eric PZ said...

that's the beauty of having a blog...you can bitch about anything you want...and there's no one to stop you. :)


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