15 September 2005

USMNT: The (Car Company) Player of the Year

Update: I'm going to move occasionally to the top of the blog for people to see. Voting will close September 21, and we'll total it up using the same methodology as the official ballot.

The nominees for the Honda Player of the Year are announced over as US Soccer Players. An "elite group of jounalists" will get to vote on who wins. I'm gonna guess that it doesn't include me. However, let's see how close we get. Feel free to submit your first, second, and third place votes in the comments. I'll total 'em up, and see how close we come to what the "elite group" of journalists decided.

My Choices?
1st: Kasey Keller
2nd: Oguchi Onyewu
3rd: Landon Donovan

The Eligible players, according to the press release:
Goalkeepers: Kasey Keller
Defenders: Chris Albright, Gregg Berhalter, Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Jimmy Conrad, Cory Gibbs, Frankie Hejduk, Chad Marshall, Oguchi Onyewu, Eddie Pope, Greg Vanney
Midfielders: Chris Armas, DaMarcus Beasley, Bobby Convey, Clint Dempsey, Eddie Lewis, Pablo Mastroeni, John O'Brien, Ben Olsen, Santino Quaranta, Steve Ralston, Claudio Reyna, Kerry Zavagnin
Forwards: Brian Ching, Landon Donovan, Ed Johnson, Brian McBride, Pat Noonan, Taylor Twellman, Josh Wolff


At 09 September, 2005 10:59, Anonymous joe said...

1. Run DMB
2. Keller
3. Gooch

At 09 September, 2005 12:04, Anonymous Oscar said...

1. Beasley
2. Reyna
3. Keller

hmm, no MLSers in there??

At 09 September, 2005 12:43, Blogger kj said...

1. Keller
2. Gooch
3. Run DMB

At 09 September, 2005 13:46, Anonymous joe said...

Hmmm, Oscar, good point about no MLSers. But you can't argue with the way these guys have been playing in their foreigner leagues or for the nats...

You could make a strong case for Twellman or Donovan. But Donovan wins it every year, let's give it to someone else.

At 09 September, 2005 13:49, Blogger D said...

Well, I case a 3rd place for Landy, but could easily have given it elsewhere. Other than him, there are no other MLSers I would even put in the top 5. Twellman, as a Nat, doesn't deserve it.

At 10 September, 2005 06:25, Blogger scaryice said...

1. Beasley
2. Donovan
3. Keller

How could you not have Beasley in the top three?

At 12 September, 2005 08:59, Blogger D said...

Beasley's oversight mainly comes from him missing those games, but I think I feel sufficiently guilty about it now to realize that he should have been my #3 or #2 choice. Keller still would have been #1 for me.

At 15 September, 2005 12:48, Blogger maradawga said...

1. Bones
2. Keller
3. Twellman

At 15 September, 2005 13:05, Blogger Tim Froh said...

1. Beasley
2. Keller
3. Reyna

Honorable Mention: Onyewu


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