01 September 2005

Number 5 set the stage for Number 4 [Cup, that is]

I'm a little late in noticing that the 5th greatest moment from MLS history was last year's Eastern Conference Final. This was the second DCU game my wife attended in person at RFK, and I think it hooked her on the team. That game was truly amazing. Seeing the replays also lets you see some things I hadn't really picked up on at the time. When I first saw Moreno's goal, I thought "that's a really good strike." On the replay, watching it bend into the corner of the net, I can see that it was honestly one of the most beautiful struck balls I will probably ever witness in my lifetime.

When Nick saved the clinching penalty, it was one of the greatest crowd responses I've seen at any sporting event ever. The players rushing over to the supporters, singing as they received the conference champion trophy... Wow. One of the reasons I'm blogging on the red and black may well be that game, and what it gave to me as a fan.