29 September 2005

On the other hand...

...it might not be Adu, or Gros, or Rimando, or Namoff... Nope, it turns out to be Brian Carroll. Steve Goff reports Carroll gets the call up early next week. I have been critical of Carroll earlier in the year, when I didn't feel like he was helping move the ball out of the DCU defensive 3rd. However, his recent games have been better (see notes in the 69th minute of the Catolica experience) and defensive mid is a position where the US National Team lacks some depth. This is not a bad idea, and even while Carroll may not get to go into the game, I'm glad to see that some recent hard work is paying off him.

By the way, how weird is it that you can occasionally see tomorrow's stories in the post the day before? It's kind of unneving, but I doubt you could write an entire TV drama around it.


At 29 September, 2005 20:57, Anonymous John said...


At 30 September, 2005 09:18, Anonymous Joe said...

Carroll is the key to DC United's possession game. He's the link between the defense and the mids, and he has to be reliable there or the whole thing falls apart.

He holds the ball well and makes lots of simple passes. He is fundamentally sound. He works his ass off.

But he rarely makes great passes. On D, he is not a great tackler. He is not a scorer. He can run, but he's not fast.

I'm not a hater. I'm really happy for the kid, and proud that another DCU player will wear the national kit. But I'm scratching my head on this one.


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