11 October 2005


(Above: Ugly, ugly, ugly. [AP/Wire Image])

DC United 1 : 2 New Jersey Metros

DCist nails the DCenters (while being otherwise complementary) for looking beyond the Metros to the race for the Eastern Conference Title. Rightfully so. Saturday's game proved the old adage that the best team doesn't necessarily win. I had little fault with the Red and Black's effort's against the visiting Metros. My only complaint was a tendency for missed chances on clean shots with only Meola to beat. Dema skied one. Christian passed one away. Jamie shot directly at the keeper. That being said, Peter Nowak slams the team in, I think, overly harsh terms in Steve Goff's write-up: "I cannot mention one player who had a good day." Ouch.

Some credit does belong to the Metros. A team that had every reason to collapse, following their uninspired play against DC, a collapse against Chicago giving away two points, came out and played with heart in difficult conditions at RFK. Mo Johnston did what Bob Bradley couldn't do: he got his team to play at something close to their potential.

So United is now in second place in the East, and will remain there. The playoffs are never a sure thing, and while a #3 or #4 seed has never advanced to the cup using the current format, let's not forget that #4 New England was a penalty away from having done it last year. We're getting a chance to defend, and while you'll hear lip service about the Columbus game being important, I don't think it matters that much. All that matters is the playoffs.