12 October 2005

Answers from someone who doesn't talk about "FREE MONEY"

Steve Goff's hosts his semi-monthly chat at noon today. Last time, he answered pretty much every hypothetical question I had for him. Maybe this week he will as well. Here's what I want to know:
  1. Carroll for the USMNT? Really? I mean, I love the kid, but huh?
  2. Based on Boswell's performance at Salt Lake, and Erpen's performance against the Metros, can we please see Bobby get more playing time?
  3. Is Tino hurting or helping himself with the USMNT right now? It seems like he's being used exclusively as a 60'+ sub. Can he make the team that way?
  4. Why is Filomeno still not on the DCU roster?
  5. Please go ahead and swat down this silly Nowak to Chicago rumor. Bonus points for profanity.


At 12 October, 2005 11:06, Blogger maradawga said...

I'm working up my thoughts on the entire matter but if Nowak was somehow to leave for Chicago and duplicate his success (which makes him a shoe-in for a European job, I would imagine), that would make six teams, half the league, that would have switched coaches.

Seven if you count Chivas' two switches (Westerhof's gone at the end of the year).

At 12 October, 2005 14:09, Blogger D said...

Yet my BS detector is going off on the Nowak->Chicago rumor, as I think I made clear in my post on the matter. This sounds loony.

At 13 October, 2005 14:37, Anonymous Joe said...

It doesn't sound that loony to me, although I doubt it's true.

Nowak strikes me as the kind of competitor who would want to prove that he can succeed anywhere. And my understanding is that he loves Chicago and loved playing for the Fire. A lot of fellow Poles there.

But it's just a rumor, right?


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