11 October 2005

The Most Unlikely Diaspora

Not Doug Logan, at Logan's Revenge, has one of the most fantastic ideas for a coaching merry-go-round during the offseason. In short, he posits the following scenario:
  • Yallop takes over the Galaxy.
  • Harkes to New Jersey (please let John cut a killer promo before he leaves).
  • Nowak (?!) to Chicago.
Now, before any DC fans start the wailing and gnashing of teeth, let me say that NDL's scenario requires these things to almost happen in order. For a less fantastic viewpoint, he links to Ives "I've picked the Metros to beat DCU all year, so if I pick DCU this week they're bound to lose" Galarcep's recap of the coaching situation in the swamplands.

As for the Piotr Nowak to Chicago idea, this seems far fetched. Piotr is well known for NOT talking to the media and saying even less than he does, so how does NDL know this? We won't know, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. But it should be viewed with skepticism. I mean, what is Nowak's motivation for leaving a place where he's relatively secure and successful? The only thing I can think of is that he wants to prove that he was driving force behind Chicago's success, not Bradley. That's awfully petty. If this happens, I draw to every inside straight I have for the next week, because clearly the universe is on tilt.