21 December 2005

Who does DC root for?

Sorry I am behind on things, like posting the Jamie O'Connor interview. I promise to get to it, but real life has suddenly become a bit more demanding recently. However, I did want to show you a picture I grabbed while walking around L'Enfant Plaza. There, in the window of a sports shop, was a framed picture you could buy. I find it interesting for what it does show, and what it doesn't. And, no, there was no label like "Teams of RFK". It was just simply what it is:


At 21 December, 2005 18:11, Blogger cvmacboy said...

Is it me, or do the logos get progressively smaller as you move your eyes from left to right?

At 22 December, 2005 09:19, Blogger D said...

You know... it DOES look like that, but that may be an illusion based on how I took the photo, as I think I was closer to the DCU logo...

What I find more interesting is the lack of Caps and Wizards logos... And I say this as a Caps fan.


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