11 January 2006

The DCenters Day in Review

Now a Deadspin Commentator: Thanks to those of you that sent emails over to Deadspin, as Will Leitch dropped an email about half an hour ago inviting The DCenters to comment. He even indicated that we "earned" the invitation, although whether he means we earned it through hard work and excellent blogging, or by dealing with the vague sense of absurdist unease that comes with being a domestic soccer fan, was not specified. Hopefully we'll get even more US Soccer folks over there to fly the flag.

Bill and Henry and Piotr: Rollins on Shatner --

Henry Rollins: The Shatner project was a request from Ben Folds, who is a great musician. He was producing an album for Shatner and asked if I would take part and I said life is too short -- and said sure.

What was interesting is that we had no song. We just went into the studio and recorded what happened. The result was great and I've spent a few evenings at the Shatner home since and it's been great. He's a very nice man.

Also, a source informs me that Rollins would move Erpen to the wing. And he'd challenge Coach Nowak to a "bigger neck" contest in three months time. Or something.


At 11 January, 2006 17:41, Blogger Mr. Fish said...

Congrats on the Deadspin assignment. Every soccer post to the larger sports world is growth for the sport. Just get ready for the "who cares" comments...


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