12 January 2006


Dema Kovalenko returns to the Ukraine. He will be remembered as a tireless worker, a man who earned every shot, worked for every pass, and deserved most of his red cards. It should also be noted that he was widely considered to be "an intense hottie." The writing had been on the wall, his projected $170K salary was a huge amount for a player that was, at best, an average presenve overall on the wing, even if he was a great example for work-ethic. Good luck, sir.

So what are we going to do with that $150,000 now?


At 12 January, 2006 18:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gotta say I loved him during the 03-04 campaign, but had the nervous squirts every time he took the field this year. I just never felt comfortable when he was stomping up and down the left side.

I understand that women enjoyed his visage, and truly hope his "hotness" lives on in the form of another DCU "dreamboat." Francisco Tobar, step right up.

At 14 January, 2006 02:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy should have been happy just playing in the league after that dismal performance last year. How many shots did he miss from the left side? How many easy chances did he push wide or drop into the keepers hands?!!! I'm glad he's gone as now we have some money to buy someone new


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