31 January 2006

Ignorance Defines My Limits

Nutriotional Supplements: So you may well ask -- Why hasn't the DCenters had anything on the Supplemental Draft? I know that no one has actually emailed me that question, or left it in the comments, but the fact that it happened last week and I didn't say a thing nags at me. However, I have a defense: I know nothing. Nada. I don't have a flippin' clue about what the Supplemental Draft will mean. I'm not going to say that players don't emerge from the Supplemental Draft, but I have no basis for judging it. Unlike the 2006 SuperDraft, where I had actually done some research, and even seen a few college games from teams other than Maryland. I got nothing here. For names and stuff, I leave it to the good folks at Mid-Atlantic.

Why can't you be more like Bobby Convey? There's a question you thought might never have been uttered, but now it is. Bobby Convey is now being presented as a model for how people on this side of the Atlantic should develop. Consider this article about Canadian Jaime Peters in comparison to Bobby Convey. Shocking, but a fascinating development. A season of hell can occasionally be rewarded. A good lesson for US players abroad that might get depressed in their first year.