20 January 2006

Standing in New Kits

Just saw the new MLS uniforms for DCU displayed on the web cast out of MLSNet. Reaction? Not as bad as I feared. The flared stripes are nearly as not nearly as noticable as they were in the design introduction. The stripes are a bit short, a scrunched feeling similar to the 2002-2003 kits, and the bib a little too noticable, but it isn't as bad as it could have been. I am fortunate I tuned in when I did, as the webcast crashed shortly afterwards.

Steve Goff indicates that DCU is standing pat for the most part, echoing a prediction I made earlier. He does indicate that Brandon Prideaux is on a potential trading block, but I imagine most teams would wait until after the draft before determining if Brandon is a fit with them. He's not really a defensive answer, more like a way of stalling for time on the question.