11 January 2006

I Can Get Behind That

Well, while DC United developments may be quiet today (other than a former mayor, and newly minted stadium ally, finding himself in legal trouble), but there is something you should be paying attention to. DC product Gentleman Hank Rollins will be answering questions in a live Washington Post chat. Ask him about things:

  1. Is it true that Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat) once beat him up outside of an ice-cream shop?
  2. What's Bill Shatner like in the Studio?
  3. Would you advise Nowak to continue with the 3-5-2 or move to a four man back line?

As for the former mayor, I want to examine this in strictly DCU terms. Barry was something of an ally, so losing him represents something of a blow to the stadium situation. However, DCU has been making significant strides among the community as a whole in Ward 8, not just one politician. So I would think that with regards to the Ward 8 relations, things would remain on track. The only question that I wonder about is the feud between Barry and Willie Wilson. If there is significant bad blood between the two (and I don't know that) one hopes that Wilson isn't out to gut anything Barry is associated with. But that's a minor concern.


At 11 January, 2006 10:35, Blogger Mike H said...

Been a little while since I looked at your blog, but I really like the new design. The header picture is great and the blog itself is much easier to read.


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