16 February 2006

At a certain point in life, you learn how to delegate

Freddy talks of Chelsea directly in TSN Interview

Freddy, please, let your agent talk about Chelsea. That's fine. That's, in some respects, his job. But when you talk about it, it seems a little strange. Yes, you're cautious about it, but given the brou-ha-ha recently, I'd let it lie fallow for a bit. Don't say things like this:

''They've expressed a lot of interest,'' the 16-year-old soccer phenom said in an interview from Florida, where his MLS team, D.C. United, is in pre-season training.

''It's true, but it's not all true,'' he says of the Chelsea reports. ''Not every single thing they say about that is true, but it's true to a certain extent. They have been interested. We have been talking - well, my agent has. We'll see what happens.''

Also, when discussing videogaming, instead of saying:
Adu's first choice of team is D.C. United. ''Because I get to play with my character in the game,'' he explained. ''If I'm not playing with my character actually, I usually go with three teams. I play with Chelsea, Real Madrid or Manchester United.''
If you really wanted to impress people, say "I love the it captures Christian Gomez in a 3-5-2, and I can keep Facundo Erpen from sliding all over the place. Plus those Barra Brava banners are nicely rendered."

Oh well, this article will probably fade without a trace, since I think a bit of Freddy for the Blues fatigue has set in. Which is good. And the article as a whole is okay for Freddy. He comes off well. Just leave the transfer stuff to Motzkin.


At 17 February, 2006 11:26, Anonymous MEL said...

I've got to give Freddy some slack on the videogame comment. Seriously, how cool would it be to be able to play yourself in a videogame.


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