14 February 2006

MLS Rule Changes in 2006

I haven't seen anyone pick up on this yet, but MLS is changing some of the rules. The new rules for 2006 were posted at MLSNet, and I, for one, welcome our new bureaucracy. Let's take a look:

THE SUPPORTER'S SHIELD WILL MEAN SOMETHING as the winner of a single table MLS gets an automatic bid to the Champions Cup. This is a change that I thought had already happened (it didn't) and is certainly overdue. The MLS Cup winner gets the other bid. The great thing is that if someone wins both the Supporter's Shield and the MLS Cup, the second bid goes not to the MLS Cup runner-up, but to the second place finisher in overall points. Yes, I know, the schedules aren't balanced. I don't care, I like this change, as it will contribute something to the regular season.

BALANCED ROSTERS I know why they had the "visiting team only carries five on the bench, while the home team can put most the Chamber of Commerce on their bench" idea, but I'm glad it has been scrapped. Seven on the bench for both sides.

NO MORE CAUTION POINTS, NOW IT'S FIVE YELLOWS AND TAKE A SEAT Also a good change, as the caution point system was impossible to follow. Now after five yellows, you're suspended one game. Then every three more yellows and another suspension. No good behavior bonus. I like this as well, as it will make keeping track of caution problems easier for teams and for bloggers that don't have Stata or Cognose or something installed on their machines.

So, while everyone loves complaining about MLS, at least these changes are good ones. Not major, but small and significant improvements. I'd like to see at least 8 on each team's bench, and I'd prefer a single table (but that's a fight I've given up a long time ago) but this is good stuff, and overdue.


At 15 February, 2006 04:03, Blogger scaryice said...

These are good changes. 7 is the international standard for subs (or 5), and it's perfect. Glad they got that right.

At 15 February, 2006 12:14, Blogger I-66 said...

I'd like a single table too... but I know it's a lost cause.

...now if I can just get MLS to realize that Chris Albright is rubbish and doesn't belong in the upper echelon -- let alone in Maxim Magazine.

At 15 February, 2006 13:37, Blogger D said...

scary: I disagree with 7 (while conceding the standard point) because 8 fits my "how many subs would I need without extras to execute whatever tactics I wanted" theory, thus allowing for more development of midlevel players. 8 Subs gives you the requisite 1 GK + 2 F subs, as well as more specialized needs including 1 CB, 1WB, 2 CMs, and 1WM. That should nicely cover your needs, but not be too crowded. Thus, 8. Or so was my thinking.

I-66: Ah, Chris Albright. At least he's passable in the back, as opposed to trying to be a goalscorer...


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