15 February 2006

Mood: Debatable

Sadly, today is one of those days where I really want to just not post anything. All tired out for some reason. But alas, the hungry maw of the blog beckons, and things are happening. So let's take a look at your preseason briefing for today:

ALECKO ESKANDARIAN INTERIEW AT WP Steve Goff sits down with Alecko Eskandarian. I think this interview has the best catalogue of exactly how awful recovering from a concussion can be. I only had to it once in my life, and for a few days it was kinda surreal to be walking around. I can only imagine what multiple concussions can do. Plus the interview furthers the Reis (heel) vs. Eskandarian (face) feud. Reis's response is "What, I don't get it? What did I do?". Well, go read it yourself. I like the timing of this interview too, since we've been recapping the history of Reis and Esky around here.

MASR (HEARTS) DC UNITED In a series of interviews with Assistant Head Coach Soehn, Josh Gros, and Bryan Namoff, MASR caps each with a "how are you celebrating Valentine's Day?" Nick Rimando was not asked, as he realized that the raise he got in the offseason barely covered his Valentine's Day obligations. A scrimmage with the MetroStars produced a 1-1 draw.

COOKING UP SOME SOCCER (AND A STADIUM?) Roll Call, of all places, has an article I can't read (behind a subscription wall) about Judah Cooks working in Ward 8 on a youth soccer program. While the snippet of the article I can see doesn't mention it, it should be noted that this is probably a continuation of the outreach efforts corresponding to the stadium push. After all, Mr. Cooks is listed as a "Special Projects Coordinator, D.C. United & United for D.C." Important take-away? Despite the (lack of an) ownership change, the stadium efforts are still simmering out there.