20 March 2006

Agents: Three Hours Until Drop


Given the news that Red Bull New York was offering a free trip to DC for the United home opener, the DCenters called on DCU ex-pats to infiltrate this trip. Now, without compromising operational security in this matter, let's just say that there has been a response in The DCenters inbox. Still, greedy bastard that I am, I want more, so this is a reminder to all of DCU's New York area ex-pats that at noon today, and only today it seems, registration will open for this trip at redbullsnewyork.com (not providing a direct link on the off-chance that Red Bull is checking referrer IDs). There is apparently a $25 refundable fee for the trip.

Again, if you take up RBNY on your offer, please contact The DCenters to let us know. We're tracking the situation up here, and you should be pleased to know you are not alone. Also, we may try to set up a support network, if needed. You know, alternate return options, potential seat moves once you get to RFK, that sort of thing. I don't want to say too much right now, but this could happen. Even if only one person manages to take Alexi's money to root for our beloved United, this operation will be a success.

Update: Their site is live now, at 12:10PM