14 March 2006


Since I'm on the topic, here is the latest rap from Clint Dempsey on current events (HT: The Belly):

Kick it!

MC Deuce is thug life for REAL.
Don’t complain about the hurt you FEEL.
If you mess with me –
I will SEAL the DEAL.

If you handle the ball, don’t act DENSE
I get cautions for more than DISSENTS
Into your skull I will put DENTS
Till you see dead people like in SIXTH SENSE

So listen close, pay attention YO’
I don’t take shit from any ol’ JOE
I’ll be Godzilla to your TokYO
Just KNOW my FLOW is fantastic-O.

I’ll spread your face like TAYLOR TWELLMAN’S
The same way I spead mayo from HELLMAN’S
My rhymes from the street – hardcore as a FELON’S
I bust people open like Gallagher with MELONS

Now all the haters, actin’ all FICKLE
I gets a suspension from STEVE NICOL
But don’t think you got me in a real PICKLE
When I take you out it don’t feel like a TICKLE.

Just sayin’ y’all…Respect.
Peace. Deuce Out.


At 14 March, 2006 15:33, Blogger Kinney said...


At 14 March, 2006 16:57, Blogger Kali said...


I just got your message... I was in a Chicks Rule and Dudes Suck session when you called.

Thursday sounds good but I am going to check with some of my peeps before I call to confirm.

At 15 March, 2006 06:48, Blogger scaryice said...

Hey D, for the purposes of the USA draft on Bigsoccer, do you have any idea if Rod Dyachenko is a US citizen? I know he was born in Russia, but went to high school in the US.


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