16 March 2006



SI.COM does a round-up of soccer press coverage in their Truth and Rumors column. Note how they capture the Nowak situation:

MLS has fined D.C. United Coach Peter Nowak an undisclosed amount for comments he made during a preseason game against Real Salt Lake last month. Real Salt Lake coaches had accused Nowak of saying that one of their players, Atiba Harris, should be "sent back to Africa." Harris, who is black, is from the Caribbean island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Nowak vehemently denied the accusation.

No mention that there is any sort of dispute about what he said. No mention of Kevin Payne's comments, or Jamil Walker's comments. No actual link to the Post story itself (scroll down because The DCenters has one two posts ago.) Nope, from this paraphrase of the Post, one would only conclude that MLS has fined Nowak because he did speak in a racist manner. Congratulations, Mr. Garber. This is how it's going from now on. I'm so happy your vague statement has managed to put things so neatly to bed.

Yes, I'm still on this subject, and I wish I could move on, but I do want to show that even respectable publications are managing to continue what is either a case of slander, or a case of absurdly light punishment, all because MLS can't write a coherent statement if you spotted them the subject, predicate, and a few propositional phrases.


At 16 March, 2006 14:17, Blogger Chris von Spiegelfeld said...

The best thing for DC is that it gets buried. I don't think MLS is going to reverse its stance on the issue and even DCU has been quiet up till this point. Continuing to post about this is not going to help the team. Right now, if you do a Google search for "r@cist" and "now@k" your site is the first one to pop up. I doubt what Ellinger said, but putting this behind us is probably best for everyone.

At 16 March, 2006 15:45, Blogger D said...

CVS: Yeah, I hear you. I'm even annoying myself right now, which is probably a time to give things a rest for the time being. My apologies to everyone whose tired of hearing me foam at the mouth on this. Time to go look at pictures of Butterstick.

At 17 March, 2006 05:39, Anonymous Matt said...

On a different but linear subject..

I was very surprised how the MLS handled the Dempsey situation. One of their biggest stars gets into a huge fight and they bury it in some small headline on MLSnet.com.

Negative press isn't always bad.

So Dempsey screwed up...but the MLS needs to learn that the vanilla, perfect image that they portray isn't normal, truthful or exciting for a professional league.

Burying Dempsey's fight is somewhat harmless in the naive MLS world.

Burying Nowak's "racist comment" falls in line with the same company policy "no controversy"
"ignore the bad and it will go away" attitude.

Except Dempsey will be known as a brawler...and Nowak will be known as a racist....

Better to sacrifice Nowak's honor than receive bad press.

The MLS sold out Nowak....totally despicable.

And CVS...yes D is attracting more attention to the issue..but if someone take the time to read what he has written then it's a great benefit to the truth.

Keep posting D....

At 17 March, 2006 11:04, Blogger maradawga said...


If you notice, when all the Bonds stuff blew up, MLB.com listed it in the news stories but that's it.

Lots of sites do that (the NFL one that happened recently escapes my memory). On the official site, most leagues will acknowledge it but not hype it up.

It seems strange to me that fans of a league are asking the league to purposefully hype it's sulliness. Leagues don't do that, reporters do. As MLS gets bigger, the reporters will take care of sullying the reputation of your "clean" league.

That's not the league's job.

At 17 March, 2006 19:32, Anonymous Matt said...

Mara....solid points that you make.

Bonds vs Dempsey though is a way off comparison..and baseball has their heads in the sand on purpose. I don't wish for the MLS to be that way.

I'm not hoping that the MLS hypes up it's problems..but the Dempsey story is a big one. He is one of the rising stars in the MLS and US Nat team.

On Nowak...if the MLS comes out and clearly states that he didn't say "africa" it would help the league's image. Now it just looks like they are covering for a coach that made racist comments.


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