23 March 2006

Hit and Misc.

DC United 1 : 1 Houston - My liveblogging was done on a whim, and isn't particulary insightful, but it is up here. DC United's recap is online and a better read.

WHITHER TINO AND NICKY?My original thought on hearing Troy Perkins was getting his second start was that Nick Rimando had definately fallen behind in the GK race. However, the replacement of Perkins by a trialist suggests a Rimando injury, probably minor since there's no major story on it that I can find. That being said, a Rimando injury would also move Perkins into a better place to get starting time almost by default, even if it is only a preseason knock, since I can't imagine Nowak wanting to start Nicky back into things cold with RBNY coming to town. Also, why no Santino Quaranta last night when everyone else was getting into the act? Is he still sidelined?

MEDIA COVERAGE: It would be nice if the Houston Chronicle, after noting that two of their players were ejected, would also notice the excellent sportsmanship of Mr. Piotr Nowak is allowing Coach Dom to put two new players on the pitch and not play 9 on 11 for the entire second half.

GERMANY 4 : 1 USA A hopeful first 45 minutes that turned into an ugly second 45. No change in the DCU World Cup Squad odds, as while I thought Zavagnin let Germany move him down the flanks too easily, Ben didn't have much of a chance to shine. Bobby Convey was very active, which was a nice surprise as he truly stepped up. Eddie Johnson wasn't bad. I agree with Commenter Paul that Mr. Ching was invisible for most of the game. The game was a cold cup of water, because it proved that while a strong MLS Team (+ Keller and the Reading Duo) can hang with a top world power for a time, eventually talent will out. Yet I imagine that we knew that going in, and while I certainly hoped for a different result, and thought even a draw would be reasonable (and was something I was prepared to treat as a triumph) the 4-1 loss isn't as disheartening as it might have been. It this had been the Poland game? Then I would have worried.


At 23 March, 2006 14:00, Blogger I-66 said...

Brian Ching was just frustrating. A player of his size should be able to hold up defenders, stand on the ball, and wait for help. He just wasn't doing it yesterday.

Twellman and McBride can do it, I think. Ching didn't help his situation at all.

At 25 March, 2006 03:52, Anonymous Paul said...

Chris Albright was great on the U-23 (?) national squad but thoroughly mediocre in club games with DCU. I think Ching is the anti-Albright. He's just plain awful for the MNT. I can think of no better punishment than his spending June in Houston.


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