21 March 2006

On the Satellite (Wo-ho) Radio...


Both Joe and RSL's Deuce are thinking about MLS over satellite radio. And why not? RSL Deuce notes that Sirius currently has EPL. Joe thinks the league would put the broadcasts up for free. I'm pretty sure Tino Palace has been ranting about the same things in a few columns.

Frankly, I'm with them. Even while DC United has a radio deal (newly announced, WMET 1160 AM) the fact is that 1160's effective range doesn't even cover the entire city. When I do want radio, I'm getting the feed from DCUnited.COM (which, when I still had dial-up, was a pain).

Of the two major satellite services, I think MLS fits better on XM than Sirius, despite Sirius's EPL presence. This is not just because I have an XM subscription, although that's part of it. The other part is that XM is making a strong spanish-language push, and Major League Baseball has complimented XM nicely in that respect. MLS could do the same. Sirius wouldn't quite have the nice fit in that respect with NFL/EPL. Plus, XM is based in DC, so I know DCU games would be nice and plentiful. Add in the World Cup Coverage, and it seems like a good move. So, please XM, let's get MLS on channels 189-200 somewhere. And let the kids from XMU (Channel 43) do strange bumper music for it.


At 21 March, 2006 13:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the league should give away the broadcast rights to XM or Sirus for free. Doing so would make the league seem a bit desperate and lower-tier. Negotiating a contract, even a nominal one,would set a precedent that can be built on/renegotiated as the league becomes more popular. Meanwhile XM or Sirius will be getting a dedicated, good-deomgraphic, niche audience which sounds like what they are looking for anyways.


At 23 March, 2006 03:54, Anonymous Paul said...

This Sirius vs. XM business is a real bummer. I got Sirius to listen to Skins games, and I'm loving Stern, but can't get other things that I want to listen to, like Nascar and WC'06 without shelling out another $~12/month. $25/month for radio would be ridiculous, especially since I'd be paying twice for the same music programming. I hope one of them gets driven into the ground to force unification. Argh.


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