06 April 2006

Intentionally Obtuse

Deadspin has a recurring feature where they make snarky comments about the chats that ESPN has scheduled for the day. So today, it's time for our boy to take his lumps:

• 2 p.m. MLS star Alecko Eskandarian: Oh, like you had to put “MLS star” in front of this name? Isn’t that like putting “Golf star” in front of Tiger Woods?
• 3 p.m. Baseball author Nate Silver: Hit me with some obscure statistics, you glorious numbers freak!
• 4 p.m. MLB with Rob Neyer: Two straight hours of sports nerd chatdom unequalled in the history of the Internet. My mind is boiling over like Rain Man at the airport. Ahhh! Must … find … antidote. Must see … Anna Benson … photo …

Sure, the gratuitous shot at MLS popularity is there. But the best revenge is to just agree.