10 April 2006

Overheard in the Supporter's Sections...

New York: I'm feeling good. Draws against New England and DC... We have the same number of standings points at the defending MLS Cup Champions!

Los Angeles: We have the same number of points as the former Metros? Oh god, I feel ill...

Salt Lake: Eddie Pope looked the best at his position out there. It's a shame he was playing as a forward.

Kansas City: I told you Bo Oshiniyi was a world class keeper. Never had a doubt.

Los Angeles (part dos): Soy triste que Bolivia no está en México.

Washington, DC: We were clearly the superiour team, there was no luck involved...can you get rabbits' feet in black and red?

Columbus: Down 2-1 in the 50th minute... I'm sure glad we drafted a proven striker like Garey so he can come in off the bench in a time like this.

Colorado: Clint Mathis is totally rejuvenated! He looks so much younger, his passes in the midfield are excellent, and his new number 14 suits him.

Houston: Between the preseason game in Charleston and this game, Dwayne De Rosario is establishing himself as one of the premier enforcers in MLS.

Dallas: Like Wynalda says, that Carlos Ruiz is one unselfish player.

Chicago: Chris Rolfe is so awesome, there should be a type of sausage named for him.

New England: If we can't have our players lead the league in scoring, at least they can lead the league in cautions. Tell Matt to put his kneepads on.


At 10 April, 2006 13:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey D, any news on the reserves v. terps last night? only caught the first part of the broadcast on FSC (how cool was that though) when we were up 1-0 and didn't get the final score or how the team looked overall.

At 10 April, 2006 14:00, Blogger D said...

Didn't catch the game on FSC myself, but two others did and they left comments on the Chivas debrief. Result was 1-1, people seem to have been impressed with Dyachenko and Adu, while Moose left people cold. Wish I had caught it myself.


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