02 April 2006

Match 11.01 Preview: New York Red Bulls

Match #: 11.01

Red Bull New York

DC United, 0-0-0, 0 pts, 3(T) East , 4(T) MLS
Red Bull New York, 0-0-0, 0 pts, 3(T) East, 4(T) MLS

TV:Comcast Sports Net, 5PM (NOTE: Not listed in your TiVo service yet, so if you're planning to tape the game, you'll have to do it manually).

Previous Meeting: You know, even when they win, they lose. I could say that the previous meeting of these two teams was a 1-2 win by the Metros at RFK at the end of the 2005 campaign. But, of course, this team isn't the Metros, so I suppose they've never met before. Yeah, that's the ticket.

The stakes: Alexi Lalas, Mo Johnston, and the rest of the New York Red Bulls may, strangely, be under some pressure for this game. The preseason has not gone well for the team, the new owners are making an investment in bringing their 750 fans or so ("or so" being a key phrase, since we know that they're not only bringing RBNY fans but some DCU expats as well), and the team isn't exactly devoid of egos and headcases who might start griping if things don't go well.
Admittedly, the pressure is also upped a bit on DC. You always want to win the home opener, but now there's a "defend the turf" angle that might overhype the team just a bit. Really, the "defend the turf" burden does not fall on the team, but rather on the fans. All fans, even those on the so called quiet-side, need to be vocal in their support of the team. Regardless of who scores first, or even if it is a scoreless draw, the DCU fans must step it up for tonight.

Expected Yield: 2 points. Would be 2.5 if this were any other Metros tilt, but they may just be desperate enough in their opener to be dangerous.

D's Location: At game, Section 3... something or other. Somewhere behind the Barra I think.

Last Word: Everybody better bring their noise for this one.


At 02 April, 2006 12:18, Anonymous john said...

The game is listed on my TiVo, so if it is not on yours you might also try the "Connect to TiVo now" (or something like that) and hopefully it will update the schedule.


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