07 April 2006

Match 11.02 Preview: CD Chivas USA

Match #: 11.02

CD Chivas USA

DC United, 0-0-1, 1 pt, 3(T) East , 6(T) MLS
CD Chivas USA, 1-0-0, 3 pts, 1(T)West, 1(T) MLS

TV: ESPN 2 (The Deuce! And not Clint Dempsey)

Previous Meeting: DC United 3 : 0 CD Chivas USA

Suggested Pregame Music: Cake - "Sheep Go To Heaven"

The Stakes: For DC United, the conventional wisdom is that a fast start in the first 8 games of the season is a must for a shot at the Supporter's Shield. With a draw last week against the Red Bulls, getting three points against Chivas becomes imperative. MLSNet is projecting Bobby Boswell as "PROBABLE" for this game. After a case of dehydration like he must have suffered, I wouldn't mind if he sat another game to get his strength back.

For CD Chivas USA, a 3-0 win over Real Salt Lake is receiving caveats of "but that's just RSL". In short, for a team looking to prove themselves, Chivas should up for Saturday's game. A win over DC will be considered notification to the league that Bob Bradley's team has well and truly arrived.

Expected Yield: 2 points. Yes, CD Chivas USA are improved, and Ante Razov does seem to have some ability left in him. The addition of John O'Brien to the midfield does make this stronger on the ball. However, the Chivas defense does not present as great a threat as the Red Bulls, and if DC can maintain possession, they should come out on top. Not a push-over, but a game DCU should win more times than not.(Current Expectations to Reality Level: 50%)

D's Location: At home, on couch. Then after the game, I think I have a birthday party for a friend. Not that you all are really interested in that, but there you have it.

Last Word: Tailgate.


At 07 April, 2006 11:35, Blogger I-66 said...

I've seen concerns relating to Johnny O's match fitness (especially the article that said he wasn't match fit yet).

I hope that's the case. As much as I like him, I still don't want to see him in the middle of the park against the black and red.

At 07 April, 2006 11:41, Blogger MLS Fangirl said...

"Suggested Pregame Music: Cake - "Sheep Go To Heaven""

Bwa-ha-ha! I love that.


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