28 April 2006

Match 11.05 Preview: FC Dallas

Match #: 11.05

Opponent: FC Dallas

DC United, 3-0-1, 10 pts, 1st in East Conference , 1st (tie) in MLS
FC Dallas, 3-0-1, 10 pts, 1st in West Conference, 1st (tie) in MLS

TV: CSN, 7:30PM

Previous Meeting: FC Dallas 1 : 2 DC United, September 10, 2006 (DCenters remembers...)

Suggested Pregame Music: Who Shot J.R.? - Doldrums

The Stakes: Okay, let's explain what this is not about. This is not about the lead for the Supporter's Shield. It is much to early for this game to decide that particular matter. Even with a loss, the losing team will still remain on Shield Pace (more on this next week).

What this game is about is two teams that have started strongly and have a chance to maintain momentum. This is about setting you form for the first quarter of the season. A loss can throw you for a bit, make you wonder if you were as good as you thought you were. A win for either side means confidence galore and a chance to say that the opening of the MLS 2006 season belongs to your team. This is about settling in for the marathon.

Expected Yield: 2.0 points. FC Dallas, like Houston when they visited, will accept a draw. However, I don't expect them to totally abandon their attack, and look for some deep runs out of FCD's midfield. This should create space for DC to work with, if they can neatly pivot from defense to attack. (Current Expectations to Reality Level: 80% - I have underestimated DCU's performance to date)

D's Location: In front of TV. Yes, I know they're honoring the Best XI of all time, but I made a promise only to buy tix for half a season, and I can't just abandon that now or I'll be buying tickets all year. However, I will be at the reserve game on Sunday. If you see me, say hi.

Last Word: Larry Hagman's Liver


At 28 April, 2006 22:16, Blogger scaryice said...

How the fuck can you expect 2 points?

At 28 April, 2006 23:06, Blogger D said...

Think of it as playing the same match 100 times, what is the average number of points DC United would get. I typically give expectations to 1/2 a point.


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