31 May 2006

Match 11.10 Preview: Columbus Crew

Match #: 11.10

Opponent: Columbus Crew

DC United, 5-1-3, 18 pts, 1st in East Conference , 2nd in MLS
Columbus Crew, 3-3-2, 11 pts, 3rd in East Conference (tie-NE), 5th (tie-NE, COL) in MLS

TV: MLSLive.TV - 7:30PM

Previous Meeting: Columbus Crew 1 : 1 DC United, May 13, 2006 (DCenters debriefing...)

Suggested Pregame Music: Cruiser's Creek - The Fall

The Stakes: United looks to consolidate its newfound lead in the East, and also faces its first game on short rest. Columbus has a new keeper now that they've lost four other to injury. It's the unstable force against the unsettled object at RFK!

The question for me is what kind of line-up Nowak trots out for this game. Is this Rimando's first 2006 start? Does the four man backline return in any form (as a 4-4-2, 4-3-1-2, or 4-3-3), or do we see the 3-5-2 again? I don't have answers for that, but I am curious. Of all the games this week, this is the most uncertain for me. I think we'll know more going into Saturday's game than this one, and that makes it interesting.

On Columbus's side, a recent recovery seems threatened by Busch's sudden injury, so they're looking to take the extended rest period and see if they can create something to build on for this year. While DC is trying for the Supporter's Shield, Columbus must definately be thinking playoffs first. Tactically, a defend and counter team can almost be expected, but the interesting things will be in the details... How many will make forward runs, and where does the defense start? Expect higher pressure earlier and later in the game, with periods of the Crew ceding half the field to the Black and Red. Sounds like a weather map.

Previews from the DCUniverse: Quarter Volley, DC Sun Devil, SE Podcast, A Little Less Conversation

Expected Yield: 2.5 points. United should get three, but Columbus will delight in a draw in such a way that if United doesn't finish some good chances, they may not get many more.

D's Location: I think I'm at home, though it suddenly ocurred to me that I might have a ticket for this game. And, for those of you that follow such things, I am getting that USMNT jersey. Oh yes. Happy day.

Last Words: Curious


At 31 May, 2006 18:35, Blogger Doug Awesome said...

where can I get one of them fine USMNT jerseys?


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