06 June 2006

Roll Credits

CREDIT 1: From yesterday, Kinney directs my attention to Du Nord, which had linked the USMNT team blog. Thus, credit can now be rightfully bestowed, as this was indeed the place where I originally saw the information.

CREDIT 2: K had asked how many goals Jamie needs to have 100 in a DC Uniform. Over at the Screaming Eagle's podcast, Dave Lifton gives the answer (he needs one more). Speaking of which, Dave has tweaked the format over there, and it's even better as he's letting the post-game comments run more naturally. You can actually get a sense of the full context and development of answers, which I really, really dig.

CREDIT 3: Happy Birthday to Climbing the Ladder. CtL is a great blog which I reference here frequently, even as I've been known to disagree with Mr. Ice, he's at least provocative enough to be interesting, and substantive enough to be worth arguing against. Always worth reading.

LATER TODAY: The DC DOGMA series begins, and I was going to run it last week, but I suddenly realized that my first post really needed to come out today. Yes, today. See you back here later.


At 06 June, 2006 10:56, Blogger David Lifton said...

That's right. Moreno had two goals with the MetroStars - one was a PK in the opener, and the other was against United in the 4th sub game. That goal against also means that Moreno is the only player to have scored against every single MLS team, which is something I keep forgetting to mention on the podcast.

Glad you're enjoying the changes!

At 06 June, 2006 11:41, Anonymous GUTuna said...


Moreno hasn't scored against Houston right?

San Jose got to keep the old Clash/Quakes records like the Cleveland Browns did and Houston started afresh.

I realize it's kinda BS since he's only faced them once.

At 06 June, 2006 17:23, Blogger David Lifton said...

Are they? Is that because they retained the rights to the name Earthquakes? Personally, I think that's a load.


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