11 July 2006

A Correction on the Winningest Team of All-Time

File under: More evidence I need an editor: Seriously, when I'm this much of an idiot, you guys should tell me. I got the games played and DC United wins numbers confused in my head when trying to figure out the winningest team of all-time. That number is 24 wins, held by DC and LA from 1998. Of course, that includes Shoot-out wins, which today we typically counts as draws. So based on that theory, moving shoot out wins to the "Draw" column, the winningest team is the LA Galaxy at 22 wins (DC would be adjusted to 17 in 1998). DC currently has 12 wins, which puts them 11 wins off the title chase. So with 14 games remaining, DC would need to rack up 11 wins in there, and that's a taller order than I was thinking. Still doable? Sure, and DC would have a record of, oh, say, 23-2-7 (76 points, 2.38ppg) which would be far and away a stunning accomplishment. But, on balance, unlikely. So unless DC keeps winning everything around them, I'll put the all-time wins watch on hold.


At 12 July, 2006 05:08, Anonymous matt said...

mere semantics...we are still wacking everyone...and i totally think that we can play better...

Who knows...if our opponents continue to miss the broad side of our barn...we might just win them all!!!

go dc....


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