03 July 2006

He's Alive!!!

Yes folks, it finally seems to be over in terms of the awfulness that was driving me away from you. But like any good romantic comedy, I have struggled through the airport security in order to desperately run to the gate in order for us to reconnect... and talk about soccer. Oh yes.

There is a ton of news to get to, so let's get at it. Today. I've missed you all. Our topics for scheduled for discussion are: DC on a win streak; Nowak as all-star coach; Mike and the Mechanics of Moving Freddy to Chelsea; and Facundo Erpen, heart attack in a can. Lots to get to.

And folks, it wasn't you, it was me. Apparently, I needed to find myself. And it turns out that a frickin' seventy hour work week was how The Powers That Be decided it should happen. Don't they know there's some soccer going on?


At 03 July, 2006 17:37, Blogger Brian said...

Glad you're back.
11 points out of July's matches would be a good run for such a schedule as United have. I think they steal 3 from FCD, take 6 from Columbus, and get 1 in the last two other matches. I also really want to see limited time for the starters against Celtic.

At 03 July, 2006 17:52, Blogger Kinney said...

Welcome back.


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